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Oops! All it takes is a few moments. Looking down at the radio, paying attention to a phone, or any other momentary lapse of judgment while driving can lead to a car accident. What can a person do if he or she is in an accident? Well, most importantly, a person in a car accident is required to have insurance. This is not optional, it is the law. Every driver has to have liability insurance at minimum in order to even legally drive.

So, once a person has an accident, what’s next? He or she needs to exchange insurance information and contact the authorities. From that point, after the paperwork is done, the parties can either drive home (if their cars are able) or the vehicles can be towed to repair centers. It is at this point that a person’s level of insurance coverage starts to matter. If a person has liability, only the damage done to someone else’s vehicle will be covered. If a person has full coverage, however, his or her vehicle repairs will be covered as well.

Insurance is one of those products that is almost defined as a “necessary evil.” People often don’t realize how important insurance is until they need it. Having insurance protects a person from being forced to pay out of pocket for an accident or an incident, and having good insurance just makes things even easier. Having an accident may feel like the end of the world, but a good insurance company can get a person back on his or her feet quickly.

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